Dental Crowns

When your child visits us at Jenks Pediatric Dental, our team works hard to ensure a comfortable and friendly environment. If your child has extensive damage to a tooth or if a cavity is too big for a filling, Dr. Tyler Owens may recommend a dental crown. A dental crown creates a protective barrier that assists in keeping the tooth healthy and intact.

Why Would My Child Need A Crown?

In addition to large cavities, some of the other reasons Dr. Owens might suggest a dental crown include:

  • To repair a tooth that is cracked or broken.
  • To cover a misshapen tooth.
  • To cover badly stained or discolored teeth.

Occasionally a child will need a crown placed on a “baby tooth,” or one that is not permanent. Keeping your child’s baby teeth healthy will prevent future problems with adult teeth. Decay and infection can spread through the roots of the baby tooth and up into the adult tooth.

You can put your worries at ease with Dr. Owens. Our team has experience placing crowns for children right here in our warm and friendly office. Your child will receive personal attention and we will make sure you are comfortable in our office as well.

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