Super-Star Smiles

While good dental hygiene and regular dental visits can help keep your child’s smile beautiful, life will sometimes get in the way. Dr. Tyler Owens and Dr. Mark Gilstrap understand the importance of a confident smile and what it can do for a child. Whether stained or yellowing teeth affect your child’s smile, or if an injury has caused some damage to the front teeth, we can transform a smile with dental veneers or teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening

Does your child worry about teasing because of yellow or stained teeth? At Jenks Pediatric Dental, we offer teeth whitening for children. We want your child to have the sparkling smile you love to see!

Some of the reasons children’s teeth yellow or become stained include:

  • Eating dark foods, like grape juice, popsicles, or soda.
  • Taking certain medications, including tetracycline and antihistamines.
  • Poor dental hygiene.
  • Certain diseases that affect tooth enamel.
  • Genetics.

Regardless of the reason for yellowing teeth, we can provide a teeth whitening solution to help. When you bring your child to our office, our friendly staff will greet them and get them ready for an in-office teeth whitening treatment.

We use professional grade teeth whiteners that won’t cause tooth sensitivity. Our teeth whitening system is safe for children, and we treat each child with care throughout their appointment. If you have any questions or want to know more about our teeth whitening treatments, call us today.

For A Super-Star Smile, Come See Us!

If your child has yellowing teeth, misshaped or misaligned front teeth, or a chipped or broken tooth, call us to find out about our smile makeovers for children. Our patients can feel better about smiling with beautiful new smiles at Jenks Pediatric Dental!